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June 5, 2023, 1-2PM @ Gahanna Library

Promoting Mental Health for Youth Gun Violence Prevention

Session Objectives:

  1. Increase awareness about the intersection of mental health and youth gun violence.
  2. Explore the risk factors and underlying causes of youth gun violence.
  3. Discuss strategies to promote mental health and well-being among youth as a preventive measure against gun violence.
  4. Provide resources and tools for participants to support youth mental health and gun violence prevention efforts in their communities.

Session Outline:

  1. Introduction

   – Welcome and introductions

   – Explanation of the session’s goals and objectives

  1. Understanding Mental Health and Gun Violence

   – Present data and statistics on youth gun violence, emphasizing the need to address mental health.

   – Explore the connection between mental health challenges, trauma, and violence among young individuals.

   – Highlight the impact of early intervention and prevention in reducing youth gun violence.

III. Risk Factors and Protective Factors

   – Identify common risk factors associated with youth gun violence (e.g., exposure to violence, substance abuse, social isolation).

   – Discuss protective factors that can mitigate the risk of youth gun violence (e.g., strong social support, positive school environments, access to mental health services).

  1. Promoting Mental Health and Well-being

   – Explain the importance of promoting mental health as a preventive measure against youth gun violence.

   – Discuss strategies for fostering mental health and resilience in young people, such as promoting positive relationships, teaching coping skills, and providing access to mental health resources.

   – Share examples of successful programs and initiatives that have focused on mental health promotion among youth.

  1. Collaboration and Community Involvement

   – Encourage participants to explore collaborative efforts between mental health professionals, educators, law enforcement, and community organizations to address youth gun violence.

   – Discuss the role of community-based organizations and initiatives in supporting youth mental health and gun violence prevention.

   – Brainstorm ways participants can contribute to such efforts in their own communities.

  1. Resources and Next Steps

   – Provide a list of relevant resources, including helplines, organizations, and websites that offer information and support for mental health and youth gun violence prevention.

   – Encourage participants to develop action plans and identify next steps they can take to promote mental health and prevent youth gun violence.

VII. Q&A and Discussion

   – Allow time for participants to ask questions, share their insights, and engage in open discussion on the topics covered during the session.

VIII. Conclusion

    – Recap the main points discussed and key takeaways.

    – Express appreciation for participants’ engagement and commitment to youth mental health and gun violence prevention.

    – Encourage participants to stay connected, continue learning, and take action in their communities.

Remember to create a safe and inclusive environment during the session, allowing participants to express their thoughts and concerns openly. It may also be beneficial to invite guest speakers who have expertise in mental health, youth violence prevention, or related fields to enhance the session’s impact.

Please adapt the session outline to suit the specific time constraints and needs of your audience.